Home Modification
Bridging the gap between functional ability and home modification

When caring for a person with limited mobility, many issues need to be addressed, including those involving home modifications. Most older people live in homes that are more than 20 years old. As these buildings get older, they become more difficult to live in. A house that was perfectly suitable for a person at age 55 may have too many stairs or slippery surfaces for the same person at age 70 or 80.

One in three Canadians over the age of 65 will experience a fall within their homes this year. Research shows that home modifications and repairs may prevent 30% to 50% of all home accidents among seniors. We understand the importance of an accessible home. Our goal is to understand the client’s current and future needs, in order to create practical and aesthetically pleasing solutions and to help complete the project in a manner that best addresses the unique situation. Please call us for information specific to your home and situation.

Why home modifications?

To improve quality of life by facilitating safe independent living in a comfrotable environment because your life style matters.

Common home modifications:

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