Ability Nursing

Ability Concepts is uniquely positioned in Canada's home health care segment to meet the challenges set forth by The Healthcare Council of Canada and the Canadian Patient Safety Institute. The challenges for better home care seek to provide better interdisciplinary communication between medical providers, pharmacists and patients and their family members in order to reduce medical misadventures in the home setting and in order to provide better quality of care.

Our aim has always been to simplify healthcare by empowering clients and their families to be better informed about their individual medical needs and to engage with healthcare providers in a way that allows greater control and management of treatment protocols.



At home support services:

Service Overview:

To ensure the continuity of best possible care, we schedule regular monthly visits with you or your loved ones. Our registered staff member will provide on-site one-hour health assessments at home or in facility. The service model is customized to every specific client, allowing us to address your needs and concerns on your time in the comfort of your own home.

“Providing you with that extra piece of mind”

Our innovative in-home service, the only of its kind, offers excellent nursing assessments designed to bring you and your family the piece of mind knowing that a health care professional will thoroughly assess your medical conditions, medications and evaluate your changing needs.

Through this service, we ensure that all primary care givers are regularly updated and informed about changes in health status, so that they can effectively and efficiently respond. A proactive approach to healthcare, our in-home assessments keep everyone more actively engaged significantly improving health outcomes and over all well-being.

Service Benefits:

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